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Landowners' Responsibilities

Water Usage

Association Membership Requirement

Each new property owner is required to sign a Membership Agreement before access to water will be provided by the Association. The agreement spells out the obligations of the Association and the property owner with regard to prompt payment of dues and assesments for irrigation and domestic water, whether used or not, and enforcement measures, including membership revocation and reinstatement, and property liens.

Irrigation Practices

Owners and their tenants are to use their irrigation system in a manner that at any one time does not exceed their allocation of 8.47 gals/minute/acre.

It is the owner's responsibility to maintain the water right on their property. Non-use of irrigation water for 5 (five) consecutive years or more will likely result in the automatic relinquishment of their right to irrigate their land. See: Dept. of Ecology publication, "Focus Sheet: Water Right Relinquishment." Download at: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/ biblio/981812wr.html

If an owner wishes to put their land into fallow, the Association will lease their water to Aston Estates. This is considered a "beneficial use" of your water and protects you against relinquishment. However it does not relieve you of the responsibility of paying for your irrigation water as if you had used it.

Domestic Water Usage

Domestic water is provided for culinary and hygienic purposes. It should not be used for irrigation of any kind while irrigation water is available; to do so jeopardizes our groundwater withdrawal permit.

Since adopting a tiered domestic rate structure in December 2012 our water usage has dropped 36%. This saves us money in several ways: Reduced pumping hours saves power; reduced volumes of water going through the arsenic removal system extends the media life; and, wear and tear on pumps and motors is reduced.

Association Water Charges

We are a small non-profit organization that relies on Vista Vue landowners paying their water dues in a timely manner. Significant delinquent accounts penalize those who pay their dues on time and limit the capacity of the Board to maintain and repair our system.

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Gary Carlton, Secretary; or, Tracy Oestreich, Trustee;

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