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2016 Annual Membership Meeting

Date: Thursday March 3rd.
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Omak Gun Club

This year's meeting is one where decisions will be on the agenda that will affect all association members. When we vote, our by-laws specify that a quorum consists of members who are present. We need two thirds of a majority to pass motions. If only ten people show up, they decide for the rest of the group. Let your voice be heard, or your raised hand be seen when we vote.

In addition to the annual meeting on Thursday the 3rd of March, there will be a pre meeting to help set agenda items for members who want to be involved in this step. We'll meet in Roscoe Howard's shop at 198 Engh Road at 7:00 p.m. on the evening of Feb. 23. Everyone is welcome.


The success of last year's group decision to make the language unambiguous about the late fees for association billing has been very successful. We now have very few late fees. Likewise, the domestic leaks have virtually disappeared. This was the direct result of a good group decision and the vigilance of our past Board of Trustees.

The Board is considering a bylaw amendment that addresses the issue of the Association functioning to protect everyone's water right. The bottom line is that everyone needs to put a priority on getting water on their property in some way that the Department of Ecology recognizes as a beneficial use. This essentially means raising grass or another crop, grazing animals, or, as a last resort, leasing their allocation of water to someone else who'll put it to beneficial use. Getting and keeping Vista Vu green enhances all our property values and quality of life.

Any board member can help you access the knowledge that we have in the neighborhood for designing irrigation systems. This doesn't have to be unreasonably expensive. We'll inventory your existing resources and make recommendations for free. Contact any board member.

Non-Participation Fee

Because we have association members who are volunteering many hours of time to keep everyone's costs low, we need to be fair about members who are unable to participate in the minimum requirement of taking two weeks for domestic pump house checks, and two weeks of irrigation startup and shutdown duty, (or more time on the domestic checks if you're uncomfortable starting up and shutting down the irrigation system). This requirement has been in the bylaws for years, but needs updating. The board is recommending a $200.00 annual charge for any member who chooses not to participate in the tasks described.

Domestic Pump House - Daily Inspections and Irrigation Start Up/Shut Down

The board will provide training days this spring for any member who wants to learn the procedure for both domestic and irrigation systems. We'll decide when at the meeting.

Need Help Getting to the Meeting?

Contact any Board member if you need a ride or directions to the Gun Club.

Ken VanderStoep
Vista Vu Water Users Association
(509) 631-0701

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For further information contact: Ken Vander Stoep, President; Dean Harrison, Vice President;
Mike Stenberg
, Secretary/Treasurer; Gary Carlton, Trustee; or, Tracy Oestreich Trustee.

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