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Winter 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to Vista Vu Water Users Association's newsletter. Our purpose is to keep you informed about important activities and projects that your Board of Trustees is undertaking on your behalf. This edition of the Newsletter announces our Annual Membership Meeting and has some good news about our arsenic removal system.

Notice of Annual Membership Meeting

Our Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Tuesday March 12th at the Omak Gun Club starting at 7:00 p.m. All Vista Vu Water Users Association owners of record are urged to attend. Section 4 of our Bylaws allow you to send a proxy if you cannot attend:

    (a) At any meeting of the members, a member entitled to vote may vote by proxy executed in writing by the member or his duly authorized attorney-in-fact. No proxy shall be valid after eleven months from the date of execution, unless otherwise provided in the proxy.

    (b) For any person to represent a member by proxy, such person must submit his power of attorney to the Secretary of the Trustees for examination at least one hour before the time of the meeting. When the Secretary has certified the power of attorney is in good order, the proxy holder shall have the right to do any and all things which might be done by the member were he present in person, in which right shall include the organizing of any meeting.

Why attend?

This is your primary opportunity to voice your concerns, get your questions answered, meet your fellow community members and learn how your Board operates. Decisions are made at the annual meeting that affect your lives and pocket books. Don't be left out of the process!

Arsenic Removal System

Since our last report to you we have made some significant gains in our struggle to better manage our arsenic removal system. The adsorption media had quit removing arsenic and our arsenic levels had climbed above the EPA's threshold for safe drinking water.


As we reported in the last Newsletter we are now chlorinating our domestic water in an attempt to extend the life of the arsenic adsorption media. Chlorine changes one kind of arsenic that does not easily adsorb on to the media grains to another kind that does. Our measured arsenic in the treated water had risen to 17 parts per billion (ppb) - 7 parts over the EPA's safe limit for drinking water. Since chlorinating began in October 2012, the arsenic level has fallen to 1.7 ppb, a tenfold decline!

Blending Treated and Untreated Water

The sharp reduction in arsenic we've achieved through chlorination presented us with an opportunity to extend media life even further by blending treated with untreated water. The Washington State Department of Health Office Office of Drinking Water has approved our "blending protocol" (rules by which we set the correct mix of blended waters and monitor arsenic levels) and we are now allowing 45% of our incoming well water to bypass the arsenic adsorption system. Replacing the arsenic removal media is the largest expense we face after our contracted system management fee. Every gallon of water we don't have to treat is "money in the bank."

Domestic Metering and Billing

Snow and ice have prevented us from reading your domestic meters in January and February. As we indicated earlier, we are using December's meter readings to estimate your monthly water consumption until the snow melts and we can take another reading. We will make adjustments to your billing in April to reflect your actual consumption in January, February and March.

Irrigation Season Starts April 19th

Watch your mailboxes for information about our Spring work party to launch the raft and clean up the irrigation compound and pump-house. Again we will launch the raft on Friday to avoid the extra boom truck charges on a weekend. Depending on weather conditions, launch day will most likely be Friday April 5th. Those who are not working that day are urged to pitch in and help. Coffee, donuts and good fellowship will be served!

We will start the pumps on Saturday April 13th to check for leaks, broken risers, etc. Please have your main valves open at that time. We will then shut down until the season starts at 6 p.m. Friday April 19th.

Bob Goodwin
Vista Vu Water Users Association

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For further information contact: Stu Skidmore, President; Doug Marsh, Vice President;
Bob Goodwin
, Secretary/Treasurer; Mike Stenberg, Trustee; or, Dean Harrison, Trustee.

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