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Summer 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Vista Vu Water Users Association's newsletter. Our purpose is to keep you informed about important activities and projects that your Board of Trustees is undertaking on your behalf.

Domestic System Passes 5-Year Sanitary Inspection

On Thursday July 31st we were inspected by Dept. of Health's regional engineer and staff from the Spokane office. No deficiencies were found and the system was found to be in good order. Getting the pump-house and well-head ready for inspection entailed a lot of weeding, clean-up and documentation work, most of which was performed by President Doug Marsh and Secretary/Treasurer Bob Goodwin, with help from Jack Crane. We relied heavily on our contract system operator, Doug Hale from Alpine Environmental, to guide us through what was needed to pass the inspection.


Volunteers Operating the Irrigation System

With training from President Doug Marsh, we now have eight members who have signed up for, or completed two-week start-up and shut-down duties. Thanks to Stu Skidmore, Doug Marsh, Roscoe Howard, Jack Crane, Elias Sandoval, Mike Stenberg, Bob Goodwin, and Dean Harrison for stepping up to the plate. There are still three empty slots to fill, so, if you haven't yet signed up, call Doug for a training session.

The only glitches have been the raft grounding a couple of times as the river dropped, and failure to record completely all the system performance numbers. Because so much vegetation has grown along the river bank, it is necessary to clamber down the bank to check the front end of the raft.

New Fish Screens To Be Installed

Thanks to a Dept. of Agriculture grant program available through the Okanogan Conservation District, we are getting new, improved fish screens at no cost to Vista Vu. These new screens are more robust and have fewer moving parts to maintain than our present ones. We will also be getting new check valves in the intake lines that should hold water pressure and make start-up easier.

Installation will be done by a contractor this summer. The old screens will be kept as spares.

Domestic System Checklists Completed

Doug Marsh has finished the checklists for weekly, monthly and quarterly inspections of the domestic pump house. Later this Summer we'll be running some training sessions for owners to learn the ropes for inspecting the domestic water system, relieving Board members of these responsibilities.

Bob Goodwin
Vista Vu Water Users Association

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For further information contact: Doug Marsh, President; Dean Harrison, Vice President;
Bob Goodwin
, Secretary/Treasurer; Elias Sandoval, Trustee; or, Ken Vanderstoep, Trustee.

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