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Special Winter 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Vista Vu Water Users Association's newsletter. Our purpose is to keep you informed about important activities and projects that your Board of Trustees is undertaking on your behalf.

Stu Skidmore Steps Down

At the Annual Membership Meeting held on Tuesday, March 4th, Board President Stu Skidmore announced that he was stepping down after serving 21 years on the Board, 15 of those as its President. We all owe Stu an enormous debt of gratitude for his leadership of the organization, especially over the last five years as we brought the domestic system into compliance with new EPA arsenic standards and learned how to operate and maintain a more complex set of pumping, filtering, chlorination and blending, and control equipment.


Vanderstoep, Sandoval Elected to Board

Ken Vanderstoep is back on the Board for his second term in recent years. Jack Crane filled out last two years of Ken's unexpired term as Trustee while Ken was teaching in Mongolia. Orchardist Elias Sandoval, our biggest landowner, was elected to his first term as a Trustee.
Vice President Doug Marsh and Secretary/Treasurer Bob Goodwin each have one more year of their terms to run, and, at this time, intend to step down at next year's Annual Meeting. Trustee Dean Harrison's term has two more years to run. The new Board will elect Officers at its first meeting.

Succession Planning for Secretary/Treasurer

Goodwin laid out the tasks he performs as Secretary/Treasurer in an earlier Newsletter and repeated that information for the attendees at the Annual Meeting. Unless someone steps up to fill Bob's position on the Board, these tasks would have to be contracted out. The billing and bookkeeping alone would cost $7,000 per year, or $25 per month per household. Bob indicated he would happily train his replacement to use QuickBooks�. Some of the tasks could be split among members: Picking up the mail, depositing checks, recording meter readings and preparing billing, etc.
Bob would continue to work on the website and write Newsletters during his "retirement," and be available for consultation on other Treasurer's duties.

Owners to Run Water Systems in 2014

To relieve the Board of an unfair workload during the irrigation season retiring President Stu Skidmore asked the membership to step to learn to start and shut down the irrigation system. A sign-up sheet was passed round at the meeting for owners to volunteer to each serve two weeks; nine members signed up, leaving six empty slots to be filled. Vice President Doug Marsh will be contacting some of you who didn't attend the meeting to fill those two-week slots. Please step up to help; you have a stake in insuring that the irrigation water comes on and shuts off when it's supposed to.
Doug Marsh is also preparing a checklist for weekly inspections of the domestic pump house that can be done by owners. Expect to see a sign-up sheet soon. This Spring, we'll be running some training sessions for you to learn the ropes for both water systems.

Bob Goodwin
Vista Vu Water Users Association

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For further information contact: Doug Marsh, President; Dean Harrison, Vice President;
Bob Goodwin
, Secretary/Treasurer; Elias Sandoval, Trustee; or, Ken Vanderstoep, Trustee.

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