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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to many questions that pertain to your water systems.

Q: As a Vista Vue landowner, do I have a water right?

A: No. The surface water diversion certificate - the water right - is held by the Association. You have a privilege to use irrigation water subject to conditions, e.g. paying your water use fees on time, and not exceeding your allowance of 8.47 gpm/acre. You are allocated a certain quantity of water that is based generally on the size of your parcel, excluding steep slopes. It is your responsibility to protect the Association's water right by using your full allocation each year. "Use it or lose it," is the operative phrase here. If you do not irrigate for "beneficial use" for five consecutive years your "share" of the water right is "relinquished" and reverts to the State of Washington.

Q: If I don't choose to irrigate is there a way for me to avoid relinquishment?

A: Yes, by permitting the Association to lease all or part of your share of the water to another user, as we now do to Aston Estates. Leasing water to another user for "benefical use" is considered a beneficial use of your share of the water and therefore protects the Association's right while you are not irrigating your land.
A Bylaws Amendment adopted in 2016 makes it mandatory to either use your full allocation of water every year, or permit the Association to lease it.

Q: Is the water withdrawal of 8.47 gpm/acre defined as the maximum allowed withdrawal RATE at any instant in time, or can the rate vary as long as the TOTAL withdrawal over a fixed period of time (week, month, season, year?) averages 8.47 gpm/acre? In other words, if I "overdraw" one day, can I "pay it back" the next?

A: The permitted water withdrawal is 8.47 gpm/ac at any instant in time and is the maximum allowable rate of withdrawal. Once it's gone, it's gone.

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